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Welcome to the new look of the Tachinidae Resources website. After ten years on the Internet, it was time for a change. Here you will find the same resources as before, with new ones in development. Check out the drop-down lists from the menu bar above to see what is available on this website.

Tachinid Diversity

If you do not know much about tachinid flies, then go to Overview under About Tachinids to find out about their fascinating life habits (their maggots live inside other insects!), morphological diversity, distribution, and classification.

An actively growing area of the website is the TachImage Gallery, accessible under World Tachinidae. Here are offered images of a wide variety of tachinids, all zoomable for a closer look. The specimens have been authoratively identified and are almost entirely from the Canadian National Collection of Insects in Ottawa.

A more recent area of the website traces the progress that is being made towards an understanding of tachinid evolution. See Tachinid Phylogeny under World Tachinidae above. Specimens from all over the world are being collected to contribute data for morphological and molecular analyses of this family of flies. An overview of the project was published in issue 26 of the annual newsletter for tachinid enthusiasts, The Tachinid Times. Click on "Back Issues" on the menu bar to the right to reach the newsletter homepage.

Tachinidae Relationships
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