■ The Tachinid Times

The Tachinid Times was started in 1988 as an annual newsletter for persons interested in research on parasitic flies (Diptera) of the family Tachinidae. This newsletter acts as a forum for informal communication about current projects, recent research findings, field trips, and similar types of information relating to the Tachinidae. The emphasis is on news and research notes that would not ordinarily be published elsewhere but would be of interest to the readership of The Tachinid Times.

Issues 1 to 8 of The Tachinid Times were prepared for the Internet from back issues of the newsletter: issues 1 to 4 (1988 to 1991) are image-based PDF files scanned from the original hardcopy editions, and issues 5 to 8 (1992 to 1995) are text-based PDF files prepared from the original electronic versions. Issues 9 (February 1996) to the present were prepared as PDFs especially for Internet distribution but have also been distributed in hardcopy to some subscribers. This newsletter will appear on this site each year in late February or early March. Persons wishing to contribute to the newsletter should contact the editor, Jim O’Hara at: james.ohara@canada.ca.

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