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Siphona (Baeomyia) xanthogaster (O'Hara, 1984)

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Left lateral view of adult female
Body Length: 3mm
Specimen identifier number: TachImage-00033

Depository: Canadian National Collection of Insects
Image by Shannon Henderson, AAFC

Insecta: Diptera
Siphona (Baeomyia) xanthogaster

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Distributional, taxonomic and host information for Siphona xanthogaster
Siphona page in Taxonomic and host-parasitoid catalogue of the Tachinidae of American north of Mexico

O'Hara, J.E. 1984. Baeomyia n. g. (Diptera: Tachinidae): descriptions and notes about phylogenetic and zoogeographic relationships. Canadian Journal of Zoology 62: 1387–1396.
O'Hara, J.E. 1989. Systematics of the genus group taxa of the Siphonini (Diptera: Tachinidae). Quaestiones Entomologicae 25: 1–229.

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