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by James E. O'Hara and Shannon Henderson

This is the homepage of a series of web pages that provide pictures of authoritatively identified tachinid specimens. The imaged specimens are primarly housed in the Diptera Unit of the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNC) in Ottawa, Canada.

This is an active website and images will be added periodically. The date of the last update is shown at the bottom of this page.

Using the TachImage Gallery

Each species has its own web page, which can be accessed by clicking a name in the list below. Images are arranged as thumbnails on the right side of each species page. Click a thumbnail to open an image in the larger frame to the left and to display label and related information in the box below the images. Images have been prepared using Zoomify and can be zoomed and moved around in the frame.

A uniquely numbered identifier label has been added to each imaged specimen and the number on the identifier label is cited under each image. Details about the photographic and lighting equipment used to take the images are given on the Photographic Methods page.

Species pages for North American Tachinidae follow the classification given in the Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico. The generic classification for North American and other Tachinidae follows World Genera of the Tachinidae (Diptera) and their Regional Occurrence.

TachImage Gallery

Click on a species name below to go to the web page of that species or use the search box below.



Campylocheta semiothisae (Brooks) (Nearctic)


Ateloglossa cinerea Coquillett (Nearctic)
Ateloglossa marginalis (Curran) (Nearctic)
Billaea montana (West) (Nearctic)
Billaea pectinata (Meigen) (Palaearctic)
Dexia rustica (Fabricius) (Palaearctic)
Dinera carinifrons (Fallén) (Palaearctic)
Dinera grisescens (Fallén) (Nearctic, Palaearctic)
Dolichocodia bivittata (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Dolichocodia furacis Reinhard (Nearctic)
Estheria cinerea (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Estheria cristata (Meigen) (Palaearctic)
Euchaetogyne roederi (Williston) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Eumegaparia flaveola (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Megaparia venosa van der Wulp (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Microchaetina rubidiapex (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Mochlosoma validum Brauer & Bergenstamm (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Nicephorus floridensis Reinhard (Nearctic)
Nimioglossa ravida Reinhard (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Ochrocera vaginalis Townsend (Nearctic)
Opsotheresia obesa Townsend (Nearctic)
Phalacrophyto sarcophagina (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Ptilodexia conjuncta (van der Wulp) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Trixodes obesus Coquillett (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Zelia vertebrata (Say) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])


Euthera bicolor Coquillett (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Euthera setifacies Brooks (Nearctic)
Euthera tentatrix Loew (Nearctic)
Euthera woodi O'Hara (Nearctic)


Cordyligaster septentrionalis Townsend (Nearctic)
Euantha litturata (Olivier)
Euanthoides petiolata (Townsend) (Neotropical)


Leskiopsis thecata (Coquillett) (Nearctic)


Spathidexia (Spathidexia) clemonsi Townsend (Nearctic)
Spathidexia (Spathidexia) dunningii (Coquillett) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Spathidexia (Gymnopalpus) elegans (Reinhard) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Thelaira americana Brooks (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Thelaira bryanti Curran (Nearctic)


Uramya halisidotae (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Uramya indita (Walker) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Uramya pristis (Walker) (Nearctic)


Aldrichomyia macropogon (Bigot) (Nearctic)
Athrycia cinerea (Coquillett) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Bahrettinia arida (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Blepharomyia piliceps (Zetterstedt) (Palaearctic [Europe])
Blepharomyia tibialis (Curran) (Nearctic)
Chaetonopsis spinosa (Coquillett) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Chaetoplagia atripennis Coquillett (Nearctic)
Chaetovoria seriata (Aldrich) (Nearctic)
Cockerelliana capitata Townsend (Nearctic)
Cyrtophleba nitida Curran (Nearctic)
Eriothrix penitalis (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Eulasiona comstocki (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Eulasiona genalis Townsend (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Euptilopareia erucicola (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Goniochaeta plagioides Townsend (Nearctic)
Hypovoria discalis (Brooks) (Nearctic)
Kirbya (Hesperophasiopsis) aldrichi (Curran) (Nearctic)
Kirbya (Hesperophasia) setosa (Townsend) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Kirbya (Hesperophasia) sp. (Nearctic)
Meledonus californicus (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Meledonus latipennis Aldrich (Nearctic)
Meleterus montanus Aldrich (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Metaplagia brevicornis Brooks (Nearctic)
Metaplagia orientalis (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Metopomuscopteryx tibialis (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Metopomuscopteryx n. sp. (Nearctic)
Muscopteryx chaetosula Townsend (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Muscopteryx evexa (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Neosolieria sp. (Neotropical)
Periscepsia (Ramonda) cinerosa (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Periscepsia (Ramonda) clesides (Walker) (Nearctic)
Periscepsia (Ramonda) helymus (Walker) (Nearctic)
Periscepsia (Ramonda) laevigata (van der Wulp) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Periscepsia (Petinarctia) stylata (Brauer & Bergenstamm) (Nearctic)
Phyllomya fuscicosta Curran (Nearctic)
Phyllomya washingtoniana (Bigot) (Nearctic)
Plagiomima cognata Aldrich (Nearctic)
Plagiomima spinosula (Bigot) (Nearctic)
Trafoia arctica (Sack) (Nearctic)
Trafoia n. sp. (Nearctic)
Trismegistomya pumilis (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Trochilodes leonardi (West) (Nearctic)
Trochilodes skinneri Coquillett (Nearctic)
Uclesia zonalis Curran (Nearctic)
Voria aurifrons (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Voria ruralis (Fallén) (Nearctic, Palearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Wagneria pacata Reinhard (Nearctic)
Wagneria vernata West (Nearctic)



Calolydella lathami (Curran) (Nearctic)
Calolydella summatis Reinhard (Neotropical [Mexico])
Compsilura concinnata (Meigen) (Palaearctic, Nearctic)
Istocheta aldrichi (Mesnil) (Palaearctic, Nearctic)
Myiopharus neilli O'Hara (Nearctic)
Trigonospila sp. (Australasian)


Carcelia (Carcelia) reclinata (Aldrich & Webber) (Nearctic)
Drino (Drino) rhoeo (Walker) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Lespesia stonei Sabrosky (Nearctic)
Siphosturmia confusa Reinhard (Nearctic)


Austrophorocera stolida (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Austrophorocera CNC n. sp. B (Nearctic)
Chetogena (Chetogena) tachinomoides (Townsend) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])


Belvosia bifasciata (Fabricius) (Nearctic, Neotropical)

Blepharipa pratensis (Meigen) (Nearctic, Palaearctic)

Chrysoexorista ochracea (van der Wulp) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Cyzenis browni (Curran) (Nearctic)
Gonia porca Williston (Nearctic)
Leschenaultia bicolor (Macquart) (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Winthemia vesiculata (Townsend) (Nearctic)



Catharosia sp. (Nearctic)


Besseria brevipennis (Loew) (Nearctic)
Cylindromyia (Cylindromyia) euchenor (Walker) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Cylindromyia (Ichneumonops) mirabilis (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Hemyda aurata Robineau-Desvoidy (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Penthosia satanica (Bigot) (Nearctic [Arizona], Neotropical [Mexico])


Gymnoclytia unicolor (Brooks) (Nearctic)
Gymnosoma par Walker (Nearctic)


Imitomyia sugens (Loew) (Nearctic)


Clairvillia timberlakei (Walton) (Nearctic)
Leucostoma simplex (Fallén) (Nearctic)


Euclytia flava (Townsend) (Nearctic)
Opesia americana (Bigot) (Nearctic)
Phasia aldrichii (Townsend) (Nearctic, Neotropical, Palaearctic)
Phasia diversa (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Phasia fenestrata (Bigot) (Nearctic)


Strongygaster didyma (Loew) (Nearctic)


Trichopoda (Galactomyia) pennipes (Say) (Nearctic, introduced throughout the world)
Xanthomelanodes arcuatus (Say) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])



Bombyliomyia soror (Williston) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])


Germaria angustata (Zetterstedt) (Palaearctic, Nearctic [Yukon])


Phytomyptera setigera (Thomson) (Nearctic)


Genea sp. (Neotropical [Mexico])
Stomatodexia sp. (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Megaprosopus regalis (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Microphthalma disjuncta (Wiedemann) (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Vanderwulpia sequens Townsend (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])


Cholomyia inaequipes Bigot (Nearctic, Neotropical [Central America])
Gnadochaeta metallica (Townsend) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])


Macromya crocata Reinhard (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Ormia reinhardi (Sabrosky) (Nearctic)


Chlorohystricia cyaneiventris (van der Wulp) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Chromatocera setigena (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Chrysotachina alcedo (Loew) (Nearctic)
Chrysotachina auriceps O'Hara (Nearctic)
Chrysotachina sp.
Dichocera dichoceroides (Arnaud) (Nearctic)
Euscopolia dakotensis Townsend (Nearctic)
Exoristoides johnsoni Coquillett (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Homalactia harringtoni (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Hystricia abrupta (Wiedemann) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Hystricia testaceiventris van der Wulp (Nearctic [Arizona], Neotropical [Mexico])
Lydina americana (Townsend) species complex (Nearctic)
Lypha fumipennis Brooks (Nearctic)
Mauromyia brevis (Coquillett) (Nearctic)
Mauromyia picticornis (Reinhard) (Nearctic)
Micronychia woodi O'Hara (Nearctic)
Nigrilypha gnoma O'Hara (Nearctic)
Ostracophyto aristalis Townsend (Nearctic)


Actia interrupta Curran (Nearctic)
Siphona (Baeomyia) xanthogaster (O'Hara) (Nearctic)
Siphona (Siphona) cristata (Fabricius) (Palaearctic, Nearctic)
Siphona (Siphona) intrudens (Curran) (Nearctic)
Siphona (Siphona) lutea (Townsend) (Nearctic)


Archytas (Nemochaeta) metallicus (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Microtropesa sp. (Australasian)
Paradejeania rutilioides (Jaennicke) (Nearctic, Neotropical)
Peleteria (Oxydosphyria) iterans (Walker) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])
Tachina (Nowickia) latifacies (Tothill) (Nearctic)
Xanthoepalpus bicolor (Williston) (Nearctic, Neotropical [Mexico])

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