Instructions to Contributors

Submissions to the NADS website

Please e-mail the webmaster of the NADS site, Jim O'Hara, if you are interested in posting web pages on this site. The Society is an informal one, and so too is the website. We plan to create a small committee of about three dipterists who will evaluate the content of submitted pages to ensure that they are appropriate for the site. Most welcome will be catalogues, bibliographies, taxon-based resources, newsletters, and other such web products of relatively broad interest. We will not accept revisions or other scientific manuscripts that are more properly published in a peer-reviewed hardcopy journal or e-journal. We will also respect copyright regulations.

Persons wishing to post Diptera pages on the NADS site are responsible for developing their own HTML pages. An introductory page linking to PDF content is also acceptable. The NADS site is optimized for a 800x600 screen and has a menu bar on the lefthand side of all pages (called a "template" in Macromedia Dreamweaver terminology). Persons can use the top of their web pages for navigation within their own pages, or can place "return" buttons on their pages to link to their home page. The site does not initially support database interactivity but this function might become available later on. Please contact Jim O'Hara for more specifics about web page design on the NADS site.

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20 June 2003
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