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Council Minutes from ICD8

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Provided here are the minutes of the Council meetings held during the 8th International Congress of Dipterology, Potsdam, Germany, 10–15 August 2014.


Table of Contents
  First Meeting
Second Meeting
Closed meeting held on 10 August 2014
Closed meeting held on 14 August 2014

First Council Meeting

Minutes of the first Council Meeting at the Postdam Congress, held in the Kongresshotel Potsdam on 10 August 2014 at 14:20 hours.


Thomas Pape (Chairman), Marion Kotrba (Secretary-Treasurer), Daniel Bickel, Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, James O'Hara, Marc Pollet, Masaaki Suwa, Shaun Winterton, Steve Gaimari (via Skype).

In opening the meeting, Thomas Pape welcomed the Council members.
  1. Apologies for absence
    Apologies for absences were received from Irina Brake, Angeles Marcos-Garcia, Brian Wiegmann and Manuel Zumbado. Marcia Couri and Rudolf Meier could not attend as well.

  2. Approval of minutes
    Minutes of the last meeting (virtual meeting during ICE in Daegu, 10-14 September 2012) were sent out shortly after the meeting and posted on the Council's web site (see The minutes were approved. Proposed by Thomas Pape, seconded by Marc Pollet.

  3. Secretary/Treasurer’s report
    The Secretary gave a brief report of her activities since the last Congress (prepare and circulate minutes & agendas, solicit applications and prepare elections for new Council and ICD Honorary Members, look into possibilities for the foundation of an International Society of Dipterology, etc., all in collaboration with the CICD Chairman).

    Since the tasks involved no expenses, and since the Organizers of the ICD8 did not ask for starting money, the assets of the Council stood unchanged at 3237.55 € (4336.67 US$), which originated from the ICD6 surplus. The money was passed on to the succeeding Secretary-Treasurer after the meeting.

  4. Chairman's report
    The chairman thanked the Secretary/Treasurer for excellent work with the interim meeting, preparatory work for a Society, and matters relating to the present Congress.

    Thanks were extended to Jim O'Hara for work on the web pages hosted by the NADS. Acknowledgments were extended also to Neal Evenhuis for providing info on deceased dipterists.

    A specific theme for the Congresses, as was introduced at the ICD7, is worth considering. Something that will draw the attention of the general public to the Congress and to the activities of dipterists (and to Diptera!). As third time in Europe, a specific theme would perhaps have been difficult, but evidently the absence of a theme has not reduced the attendance. Given acceptance of the bid presented later, a first time in Africa would have a natural focus on the Afrotropics.

    The need for improving regular and close communication between organisers and Council was felt during the preparation of ICD7 – this has worked seamlessly for ICD8 at least as perceived through the eyes of the Chairman. Councilors without any office are very welcome to take a more active role.

    At the last ICD, it was decided that "There should again be a student competition, as in Brisbane, as this was not expensive and would encourage younger people to participate." --- This is done for posters, but it should in any case be a decision made by the Congress organisers and should not be a requirement.

    Also at the last ICD, it was discussed having a "commemorative medal for high excellence of achievement in dipterology". The award would only be presented at an ICD, and would be something very special. Neal Evenhuis gave us "an outline of the possibilities and practicalities, and undertook to formulate a proposal, including the setting up of a committee to formulate criteria (whether of Council members or others or both)". This was supposed to be sent this out by e-mail but did not develop any further. We already have the Honorary Memberships, but these are limited to ten at any given time – a medal would then be a 'second tier' and would be more flexible as it could be given to any dipterist that is seen to qualify. The Chairman expressed his feelings that the resources that will have to be put into this may not match the potential benefits.

  1. Election of new Council members
    Three members had reached the end of their term and were seeking re-election: Thomas Pape, Rudolf Meier, and Shaun Winterton.

    Four more Council members had reached the end of their term and were not seeking re-election: Irina Brake, Marcia Couri, Masaaki Suwa, and Brian Wiegmann. Moreover, Marion Kotrba informed the Council of her wish to retire.

    For the five resulting vacancies five candidates had put their names forward for election to the Council: Kazuhiro Masunaga, Valery Korneyev, Carlos José Einicker Lamas, Erica McAlister, and Adrian Plant. They were officially nominated by Thomas Pape and Marion Kotrba and their CVs had been circulated with the agenda. Elections took place by anonymous ballot paper by the 8 present Councillors. Steve Gaimari's votes were received by Skype message to the Secretary-Treasurer. All of the candidates for election as well as for re-election were elected by a majority of votes.

  2. Election of new Council officers
    Since Thomas Pape and Rudolf Meier were re-elected as Councillors and since the Chairman and Vice-Chairman usually stay in office for two terms, it was agreed that they keep their offices for another term (see second Council Meeting, item 2). Therefore only a new Secretary/Treasurer had to be elected. For this office Ashley Kirk-Spriggs was nominated by Thomas Pape, seconded by Marion Kotrba. He was elected unanimously by acclamation.

  3. Election of new Honorary Members of the International Congresses of Dipterology
    This item was postponed to the second business meeting in order to be able to make the announcement at the closing ceremony.

  4. Report / Statistics on the Organization of the present Congress
    Marion Kotrba gave a short summary with the following numbers: 373 delegates from 47 countries expected, roughly 30% students. Budget roughly 200.000 € brutto, about 40% funded by agencies/sponsors. Substantial support for each registration, especially students. Registration fee waivers and travel support for 17 delegates from developing countries. Five plenary talks, 285 oral and 127 poster presentations, panel discussion, student poster competition. Congress accompanied by activities of public outreach such as the special exhibition "Flies" at the Museum in Berlin.

  5. Bid to host ICD9 in 2018
    A bid to host ICD9 was presented by Ashley Kirk-Spriggs. The proposed host city is Stellenbosch, South Africa, and the venue would be Stellenbosch University. A Power Point presentation covering all details, which had been circulated in advance, was shown and discussed at the meeting. An updated version is circulated with these minutes. The registration fee is expected to be about 324 USD. Following his presentation Ashley left the room during the voting. The bid was discussed and approved unanimously.

  6. An International Society of Dipterology
    This item was postponed to the second Council Meeting.

  7. Any other business
    In concluding the meeting, the Chairman thanked the councillors for their participation and in particular the Secretary/Treasurer for the preparations. The Chairman urged Council members to be aware of the need for nominees for Council membership at the meeting of the ICD9 in 2018.

The meeting closed at 16:35 hours.

Marion Kotrba
12 September 2014

Second Council Meeting

Minutes of the second Council Meeting at the Potsdam Congress, held in the Kongresshotel Potsdam on 14 August 2014 at 12:35 hours.

Present: Thomas Pape (Chairman), Rudolf Meier (Vice-Chairman), Marion Kotrba (Secretary-Treasurer), Daniel Bickel, Marcia Couri, Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, James O'Hara, Valery Korneyev, Carlos Lamas, Kazuhiro Matsunaga, Erica McAlister, Adrian Plant, Marc Pollet, Masaaki Suwa, Brian Wiegmann, Steve Gaimari via Skype). Shaun Winterton could not attend.

In opening the meeting, Thomas Pape welcomed the new Council Members who had been invited to attend the meeting.

  1. Election of new Honorary Members of the International Congresses of Dipterology
    Following discussions at the last (virtual) Council meeting, Neal Evenhuis and Adrian Pont were officially nominated by Thomas Pape and Marion Kotrba for Honorary Membership. Their CVs had been circulated to Council members two weeks before the meeting.

    Election by block vote was proposed by Thomas Pape, seconded by Erica McAlister. Both candidates were elected unanimously by raise of hands.

  2. Amendment of the Constitution
    It was proposed to amend Article IV Section 1 to suit the present practice with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer serving for two consecutive terms without intermediate election. The Article was to be amended into (changes underlined): "The officers of the Council shall be a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary-Treasurer. They shall be elected by the Council by procedures set forth in Section 2 of this Article, and shall serve from the close of the Final Plenary Session of the Congress at which they are elected until the close of the Final Plenary Session of the second Congress following. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall not serve for more than two consecutive Congresses".

    The proposed amendment was accepted unanimously by raise of hands.

  3. Prospects for future bids
    Carlos Lamas and Marcia Couri presented their interest in considering a Brazilian bid for the ICD10 in 2022 with relevant colleagues. Steve Gaimari will consider a preliminary American (Californian) proposal for 2022 which can grow into a strong bid for the ICD11 in 2026.

  4. Any other business: An International Society of Dipterology
    Marion Kotrba briefly summarized the results of her inquiries in this respect. It was decided to further look into the prospects of founding a Society, in particular with respect to tax exemption. This should preferably be in an English speaking country, because the constitution generally has to be in the native language of the country where the Society is registered.

    A subcommittee was formed consisting of Steve Gaimari, Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, Thomas Pape, and Shaun Winterton. Jim O'Hara volunteered to ask his Canadian colleagues whether they want to participate.

    The decision on in which country the Society shall be founded shall be reached at the interim meeting in 2016.

The meeting closed at 13:15 hours.

Marion Kotrba
12 September 2014

First published on the Internet on 30 September 2014
J.E. O'Hara