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Council Minutes from midterm meeting 2004

The meeting of the Council was held on Sunday 15 August 2004 at 1600 hours in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre during the International Congress of Entomology.



Chairman David Yeates, Marion Kotrba, Junichi Yukawa, and Jim O'Hara.
Apologies for absence were received from the remaining nine members of Council who had been unable to attend the International Entomology Congress.

  1. The International Congresses of Dipterology website
    Jim O'Hara was thanked for his excellent work in setting up and maintaining the ICD website.

  2. Council members
    In the absence of a quorum, it was not possible to elect a new member to the ICD Council.

  3. Honorary Members of the International Congresses of Dipterology
    It was suggested that Monty Wood and Ev Schlinger should be approached for election as Honorary Members of ICD.

  4. Report from Junichi Yukawa on the preparations for ICD6 in 2006
    ICD6 is being held in the International Conference Centre of Fukuoka, Japan, 23-28 September 2006. Arrangements are well in hand, and the First Announcement had been circulated. Junichi is searching for additional Japanese government sponsorship. There is little accommodation available at the Conference Centre, and most delegates will be in hotels about 10 minutes drive from the Centre. Buses will be needed to ferry delegates to and from the Centre, and some concern was voiced about the logistics.

  5. Proposal from Marc Pollet
    The meeting considered Marc's suggestions as outlined in the Agenda, and considered it useful for Marc to present a prototype of his idea at the next Congress.

  6. Any other business
    There was some discussion about ICD7 in 2010. Brazil and Germany are likely candidates, and should be encouraged to present bids at the next Council meeting in Fukuoka.


There being no further business, the Chairman thanked all those who had attended, and closed the meeting at 17:10 hours.

In the absence of the Secretary, these minutes were prepared by the Chairman.

Adrian Pont
November 2004

First published on the Internet on 5 March 2013
J.E. O'Hara