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Council Minutes from midterm meeting 2000

The meeting of the Council was held on Sunday 20 August 2000 at 1300 hours, at a conference centre for the International Congress of Entomology (Iguassu, Brazil).



Chairman Milan Chvála, Vice Chairman David Henshaw, members Claudio Carvalho, Rudolf Rozkošný, Hans Ulrich, Brian Wiegmann, David Yeates, Junichi Yukawa (part time). Chris Thompson, although no longer a Council member, attended as observer for part of the meeting.
Apologies for absence were received from Adrian Pont and Paul Beuk.

  1. Approval of minutes
    The minutes of the last Council meetings at Oxford, UK, 6, 9, 10 September 1998, were unanimously approved.

  2. Secretary/Treasurer's report
    The Secretary's report and Treasurer's statement were accepted (balance of funds at 1 August 2000 was given as Ł79.93). David Henshaw pointed out that as ICD4 had made a slight loss, it had been impossible to donate any monies to the Council Fund.

  3. Proposed emendment to the Constitution
    It is proposed that a new section be inserted in the Council Constitution, between Articles IV (2) and IV (3), as follows:

    "All officers of the Council are voting members of the Council. When a person not already a member of the Council, or whose membership of the Council is due for renewal, is elected an officer of the Council, such election shall be deemed to include election to a term of membership of the Council with the same starting date. Should that person cease to be an officer of the Council during this term of membership, his/her membership shall remain in effect."

    The emendment was approved, after explanation of its need, although a general comment was a failure to understand its content. The Vice Chairman undertook to re-word it.

  4. Report from David Yeates on the preparations for ICD5 in 2002
    ICD5 is being held at Queensland University, Brisbane, between 29 September and 5 October (Sunday-Saturday). Accommodation will be in the Campus. David's move to Canberra will not affect the venue or arrangements. A fly sheet was exhibited with an invitation to attend. A website address has been set up:
    A professional organisation is being employed to administer registrations etc.
    Registration will be in the order of A$500 ($300) and accommodation A$60-70 per night.
    Agriculture Australia has offered A$ 25,000 or more, if matched.
    Chris Thompson mentioned several sources of money and offered to pass information on these to David Yeates.
    The Chairman complimented David and his Committee on the progress made.

  5. Any other business
    Offers to host the 2006 ICD6 were made from Brazil (Manaus) and Japan (Kyushu University). Hans Ulrich indicated that he would stand down at the next period of election.


There being no further business, the Chairman thanked all those who had attended, and closed the meeting at 14:45 hours

In the absence of the Secretary, these minutes were prepared by the Vice Chairman.

David Henshaw
29 October 2000

First published on the Internet on 5 March 2013
J.E. O'Hara