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Council Minutes from informal meeting 1995

The meeting of the Council was held on 25 September 1995 at the University Museum, Oxford, United Kingdom.



Milan Chvála (Chairman), David Henshaw (Vice-Chairman), Adrian Pont (Secretary-Treasurer).

  1. Correction
    The list of Council members distributed in October 1994 contained an error: Dr. Unnithan had already retired from the Council. Dr. Abou-Halawa's name was omitted, but as he has not been in recent contact with any Council member he is deemed to have resigned (see item 3 of the minutes of the Council meeting on 18 August 1994).

  2. Constitutional Amendments
    David Henshaw reported that he is working on the updated draft of the Constitution, incorporating the amendments agreed at the 1994 Council meetings in Guelph.

  3. Suggested Timetable for Congress Organization
    This document was distributed to Council members in September 1995.

  4. 20th International Congress of Entomology
    The secretary was instructed to write to the secretariat of the 20th International Congress of Entomology (1996) to confirm arrangements for the next Council meetings.

  5. International Congress of Dipterology 1998
    The location of the next (1998) International Congress of Dipterology was discussed, and considerable disquiet was expressed about the absence of any progress reports from the organising secretary, Dr. Ipe.
    (i) Dr. Chvála wrote to Dr. Ipe on 18 November 1994, and replies were received dated 30 November and 20 December 1994. These replies were brief and contained assurances but nothing substantive. Dr. Ipe was asked to send further progress reports to the Council Secretary, but nothing has been received despite a further request for a report to be available for today's meeting.
    (ii) Real concern was expressed about this lack of information. The Secretary was instructed to write to Dr. Ipe with the request for a progress report to be submitted by the end of November.
    (iii) The Secretary will also ask Dr. Ipe to prepare a full progress report by April 1996, to include at least the following information: the month of the Congress (most visitors will wish to avoid mid-summer); the names of the officers and members of the organising committee; a list of sponsors; details of accommodation (location, price); a provisional timetable and list of sessions; social programme and post-Congress events; a breakdown of the costings; a draft first circular (this is essential).
    (iv) Regrettably, contingency arrangements will have to be brought forward, and bids for alternative locations are now being invited. Bids are known to be in hand from Curitiba (Brazil) and Oxford (UK), and the organisers have been asked to present these bids to the Council chairman by April 1996.
    (v) Dr. Ipe's Congress dossier, together with the alternative bids, will be sent out to Council members in May 1996. At the next Council meeting at the 20th International Congress of Entomology, Florence, August 1996, these matters will be discussed and resolved by Council vote.

Adrian C. Pont
7 October 1995

First published on the Internet on 6 March 2013
J.E. O'Hara