Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects

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Part 3
Schizophora (exclusive of Tachinidae)

Cooper, B.E. and Cumming, J.M. 2000. Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects. Part 3. Schizophora (exclusive of Tachinidae). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Branch. ISBN 0-662-28314-7. 132 pp.

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The primary type material of schizophoran Diptera (exclusive of Tachinidae) housed in the Canadian National Collection of Insects and Arachnids, as of 31 December 1994, is catalogued. The collection contains 1294 holotypes, 330 associated allotypes, 4 lectotypes, 2 neotypes, and 76 species that are represented by syntypes. Reference to the original description of each taxon is cited. Label data associated with the specimens are fully quoted. A bibliography and an index to named taxa are provided.

This book is the third in a four-part series of catalogues on the Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNC). The first, published in 1991, dealt with the Nematocera. The second, published in 1993, listed the primary types of brachyceran Diptera exclusive of the Schizophora. The fourth part was published as an internet publication in 1996, and is restricted to the numerous types in the single schizophoran family Tachinidae. This third catalogue documents the primary types in the remainder of the Schizophora and includes 40 different families. A brief history of the Diptera collection in the CNC is given in Part 1 of this series.

All primary (i.e. name-bearing) types of Schizophora exclusive of Tachinidae that reside in the CNC, as of 31 December 1994, are catalogued. The format is similar to that in previous parts of the series. Entries are arranged alphabetically by family, genus, and species using the original combinations and spellings. Subgeneric names are included if they were used in the original description of a new species, although they are placed in alphabetical order following names without subgenera. Each entry includes the following information: name of taxon and author; year of publication; abbreviated reference, including volume, relevant page, figure, and plate number; and current name of country from which the primary type was collected. The label data associated with each primary type and allotype are cited in full, with diagonal lines separating information given on separate labels (a diagonal line not followed by a space indicates that the diagonal line is present on the label). The number of associated paratypes or paralectotypes is given along with their country or province/state of origin. In addition, the sex of each type is indicated. Finally, notes about nomenclature, major damage to primary types, genitalic dissections, etc., are included whenever necessary under Remarks.

Notable private collections containing types treated in Part 3 include the C.B.D. Garrett collection of Heleomyzidae acquired by the CNC in 1961, and the H.J. Reinhard collection of Sarcophagidae acquired in 1968.

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