Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects

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Part 2
Brachycera (exclusive of Schizophora)

Cooper, B.E. and & Cumming, J.M. 1993. Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects. Part 2. Brachycera (exclusive of Schizophora). Agriculture Canada, Research Branch, Publication 1896/B. ISBN 0-660-57979-0. 105 pp.

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The primary type material of brachyceran Diptera (exclusive of Schizophora) housed in the Canadian National Collection of Insects and Arachnids, as of 31 December 1991, is cataloged. The collection contains 819 holotypes, 241 associated allotypes, 10 lectotypes, 4 associated allolectotypes, and 149 species that are represented by syntypes. Reference to the original description of each taxon is cited. Label data associated with the specimens are fully quoted. An addendum to Part 1 on the types of Nematocera is included that adds previously overlooked types of Cecidomyiidae, Mycetophilidae, and Thaumaleidae. A bibliography is provided.

This book is a continuation of Diptera types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects: Part 1, Nematocera, published in 1991. The groups covered in Part 2 include the orthorrhaphous and aschizan sections of the second Diptera suborder, Brachycera. The types in the remainder of the Brachycera, those of the Schizophora, will be cataloged in the two subsequent parts of this four-part series.

All primary (i.e., name-bearing) types of orthorrhaphous brachyceran and aschizan Diptera in the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNC) have been cataloged as of 31 December 1991. Part 2 follows the same format as Part 1, with each entry arranged alphabetically by family, genus, and species. All species are cited under the original combination in the following format: year of publication; abbreviated reference, including volume, relevant page, figure, and plate number; and lastly the country in capital letters from which the holotype was collected. For all primary types, allotypes, and allolectotypes the label data associated with each specimen are cited in full, with diagonal lines used to separate information given on separate labels. Information on the numerous secondary types in the CNC is restricted in Part 2 to only those species represented in the CNC by primary types, since information associated with secondary types is likely to change over time and has no bearing on nomenclature. Finally the sex of the types is indicated under each entry.

The most notable private collection treated in Part 2 is the F.M. Hull collection purchased in 1973 and 1981. The Hull collection contains numerous types of Asilidae, Bombyliidae, and Syrphidae. Several syrphid types listed by Hull in various original descriptions as part of his private collection [see Thompson et al. (1976) for the Neotropical species] could not be found in the CNC and may be located elsewhere.

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